Prosthodontic Associates of New York

New Office Safety Protocols for Covid-19

370 Lexington Avenue, 26th Floor

  • All COVID-19 protocols from our current office will apply (Click Here)
  • Brand new dental chairs, units, computers, keyboards,…
  • All new office furniture
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) will be utilized by every team member including front desk
  • Office airflow through HEPA filtered and UV-C air conditioning units that are independent from the rest of the building for operating room level air quality
  • Each operatory will have independent, external venting and a glass door to contain and prevent the spread of aerosols.  
  • Very large reception area will allow for social distancing in the rare event of appointment delay
  • Touchless payment stations
  • Touchless bathroom fixtures 
  • State of the art dental laboratory equipment.

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Current Office Safety Protocol for Covid-19

  • Health questionnaires relating to Covid-19 will be sent with all appointment reminders
  • All team members and patient temperatures will be recorded using a touchless thermometer upon entry to the office
  • Staggered arrival times to limit the number of people in the reception area
  • The highest appropriate level of PPE (personal protective equipment) will be utilized including N95 masks, gowns, face shields, etc.
  • Doors or drapes will be closed in treatment rooms to prevent aerosols from escaping to hallway
  • Extended time between patients to allow for extensive disinfection of treatment rooms with surgical-grade wipes
  • New front desk plexiglass partitions to protect patients and team
  • Touchless payment options
  • Elimination of magazines and reading materials from reception area that could become contaminated
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the office
  • All communal surfaces to be disinfected throughout the day with surgical-grade wipes (doorknobs, countertops, bathrooms, etc.)

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Still vs Sparkling

In a recent article, the ADA explained that despite being slightly acidic sparkling water is still better than any other beverage for your teeth.  Much better than sodas, sports drinks or juices.  And it did not cause any more acid erosion to teeth compared to still water.

So which do you prefer?  I personally love sparkling but fill my water bottle with tap water to sip throughout the day.  That way I am also getting fluoride to protect my teeth!  My two favorite sparking waters are San Benedetto and Hint Fizz, which does not contain any sugar or sweetener!

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