Routine Teeth Cleaning and Exam

woman having her teeth cleanedA dental prophylaxis is a maintenance therapy performed by one of our experienced hygienists to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. It is an effective procedure for maintaining oral health and preventing or halting the progression of gum disease. The benefits are plaque and tarter (calculus) removal, whiter teeth through stain removal and fresher breath. Our team custom tailors the procedure based on your specific needs and with state-of-the-art tools and techniques you will have a gentle yet meticulous cleaning.  We recommend that prophylaxis be performed routinely as a preventative measure, with the frequency being determined by your specific dental needs. After each visit, one of our prosthodontists will spend time evaluating your teeth and gums as well as perform a full head and neck exam which includes an oral cancer screening.  Maintain that beautiful smile of yours and come see us!